Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony or are being investigated for a crime, you need an aggressive attorney that is experienced in handling criminal matters. It is very important to contact an Attorney immediately. The police officers are trained to get people to respond in a way that helps them and the prosecutors prove a case against you. Your responses to their questions can later be used as confessions or admissions in a court of law.

It is very important to retain an Attorney right away given that, if arrested, a Bond can be set too high at the beginning of the process, which means that if you cannot pay it, you or your loved one might have to wait in jail until the case is done or until an Attorney gets the bond reduced. Lastly, if you do not hire an Attorney, and you try to handle the case on your own, you will be expected to understand and know the law as well as the court rules. Getting an Attorney right away is what you need to do so that he or she can aggressively fight your case and protect your rights and your freedom.

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