Family Law

Are you considering filing for divorce, or has your spouse already filed for divorce? Is there a marital home that needs to be divided, sold, or that you want to keep? Is there a 401K or retirement pensions that needs to be divided? If so, you need an attorney that understands your emotional as well as your legal needs. Usually, in divorce cases, there is debt, real and personal property, custody, parenting time, child support, as well as other issues that should be resolved or litigated. Divorce is an emotional process and you have to be prepared to deal with all the legal issues. Whether you believe that you and your spouse can agree on these issues, or that you might have to have a trial on these issues, you need to understand your rights and you need to understand the law. You need an aggressive attorney on your side.

If you are already past the divorce process or you have never married the mother or father of your child or children and are now facing issues regarding parenting time, child support, or the other party not following a court order regarding the children, we can help. For questions regarding family law matters, call Jimenez Legal for a free consultation at (616) 610-4808.